Who Blazing Hope Is!

Dear Friends, Since our website is under development I wanted to say who we are in case you are new to Blazing Hope Youth Family Ranch here in Idaho.

We are a not for profit Christian youth ranch where we provide instruction in horse care, grooming, saddling, exercising and riding horses. We never charge so any and all economic classes can participate in our day programs. We also never say no to any child or teen. We serve all kinds of kids including at risk youths.

During our peak season months from April through October (we are open year round) we average over 300 visits per month. Each child also works each time they attend the ranch learning the importance of the work ethic.

All of this is done in a winsome, attractive atmosphere salted with lots of fun and the joy of horses. Children and their families feel loved here as we encourage and affirm them. We want them to know that we believe in them and that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, loves them, also.

Our goal is to love each child and family member who participates and to build relationships with them so we can impact their hearts helping them realize their full God-given potential.

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