Late November Update

A Roller-Coaster Tuesday! Breakfast with Rachel (and Renee and Ginger) from Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch was delightful and I suspect significant, too. We had a great time letting the ranch kids show them the horses and their riding skills. (Crystal Peaks has been instrumental in our birth and development here at Blazing Hope. They are largest and most significant ministry like ours in America and have helped to birth about 200 ranch ministries that love kids to Christ.)

This is also when we made the important and awful discovery that our Tennessee Walker, Big Red had injured his urethra by cutting open the scrotum (on a post we suspect).

Our vet is not sure of how much if any damage there is to the penis but the sheath surrounding it is partially destroyed and the scrotum will have to be surgically repaired today at 2 PM, so we covet your prayers for Big Red, our Vet and the needed income to pay for this. We want to see Big Red heeled as he is one of our most important horses here.

In the midst of all of this we did have an unexpected blessing while open in the afternoon where about 15 participated in riding and cleaning. A young couple visiting our area from California were recommended to us by a mutual friend. After a tour of the ranch and our horses, the young lady was pleased to ride our magnificent Mustang Lucky whom she enjoyed greatly.

After her ride, the young wife surprised me by sharing that she and her husband had been looking for and praying about a ranch ministry like ours to children to get behind and had heard of ours last February while in Idaho. I was thrilled and humbled to hear they want to give to Blazing Hope.

A special thanks too to Val and Alisha who are freshman pre-vet students at Idaho University who came and wormed most of our horses.

You can see why it was a Roller-Coaster Tuesday. I am reminded that God is in control. Thank you for your support of this special place with our amazing teens and children and their families. Keep praying for Big Red. Mike Howard, For Christ and for you.

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