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Dear Friends of Blazing Hope,  7-30-2012

An anonymous donor has offered to match $1,500 dollars worth of gifts designated for the repair of our well and the installation of horse  fences in Middleton.  We are thankful for this and ask that you pray that God would bless this special giver.  We are also rejoicing that over $1000.00  has come in already toward this grant already.  May God’ name be blessed.

God has always been faithful in providing for our ministry to children. Here is an edited letter from one of the teens whom we serve:  “Thanks so much for all you have done for me…I have learned many things: Things like self-confidence, the ability to enjoy rather than fear a challenge, the ability to reach out of my fear to other people, how to ride, take care of and earn the respect of a horse. It has helped immensely during these past months to be able to come to a non-stressful place and work with the horses. You have helped me to reach out and come out of my shell.”

I wish each of you could spend a few hours here with our kids seeing all of that God is doing. You can always hang your hat here.

Our expenses for the rest of summer are much larger than the $3,000 that we will receive once the matching funds are received.  It is time to buy hay and to begin stock piling it for the winter (4 to 8 thousand dollars worth of hay depending on how much is donated) , and the fencing in Middleton will cost an estimated $5,000 plus (some of it has already been donated at a discount price that we will purchase when we have the funds to do so).  We really want to open up in Middleton so we can begin to reach out to the kids in that area, but we cannot do this until fencing is up for the horses.   Middleton’s fences will also save us money on hay as the pasture there is knee high waiting for our horses to eat (you can see an aerial view of the Middleton ranch that was donated to Blazing Hope on our slide show).   Our expenses also have some pending vet bills and the regular bills including a staff salary.   Like many Christian organizations our summer income been as dry as our weather.  Thank you for your prayers most of all and your gifts to support this ministry.  As always is true we could not do it without your support.

Be sure to check out the slide show as I have added some new photos.

Yours for You and the King of Kings,

Michael Oris Howard

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