Building Relationships

Sometimes our mission field is right in our own backyard.  Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren all need our love.  Today’s newer generations often do not have the stability and love we once had growing up in homes with two parents and a stay-at-home mom.

Imagine spending your summer caring for your 6 grand-kids as their single mothers work to make a living and keep their families afloat.  Five days a week first thing in the morning this Christian lady with a heart larger than life drives to pick up the 6 so they will not spend these hot summer days alone and unsupervised.  Under the umbrella of grandmother’s love they are protected and provided for.  One or two days a week she brings all 6 to work and ride and be loved at Blazing Hope.  This is the kind of investment in young lives that can make an eternal difference.

The following is a short note that this caring grandmother sent to her father (the great-grandfather) with some editing for privvacy:  Hi Pops!!!

There goes another day…hopefully I used it wisely…it won’t come again…:D big grin.  Kids were all good…I just think the heat is getting me down.  We are going to the ranch at nine tomorrow to hopefully get their chores and riding done so we can leave before the heat is too bad.  They do love going and just today one said, ” Are we going to the ranch tomorrow?  I like talking to Mike.”  Awesome wouldn’t you say…and who can say no to that…

Well, I’m going to bed so that I can get up early enough to get all of us to the ranch…HaHa!!!!

Love You Much!!!

:-h wave!!!!

Your Daughter

(Names omitted)

What a privilege to love kids for Christ’s sake.



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