Hay Time

Blazing Hope Youth Family Ranch enjoyed 121 visits last week with 26 hours of our wonderful volunteers serving the kids and the horses. We rode 20 of our horses.  Our special Wednesday group of kids is really improving their riding skills as we work with about a dozen of the horses to help them blossom.  We are thankful for the grass hay donation from Bob Morf and the donation of the delivery fee from Glen Almond.  These two families are being used by God to bless families.

Buying oat and alfalfa hay this week along with a donation of a ton of grass hay. Oat hay is selling for about $120.00 per ton and Alfalfa hay at $150.00 per ton. 3 1/2 tons of Alfalfa will be delivered tomorrow and beginning on Wednesday about 500 bales of oat hay from our Middleton neighbor will be stored in our hay barn in Middleton. (One ton usually equals about 25 bales.)  Our bill for the oat hay will be around $2,000.000.  We will take about half of the oat bales to our Nampa facility to feed the horses there.

Thanks ahead of time for your generous financial gifts that make it possible for us to love our ranch kids.  We will pay up front for the alfalfa being delivered tomorrow.  Please prayerfully consider making a generous gift to help us pay for the oat hay.  We will add a blog in a day or two concerning our amazing progress on the matching grant of $1,500 for fixing our water well and starting our fencing in Middleton.  God blessed us with special 500 dollar gift for this matching fund from a dear family whom we love greatly.

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